Summits March Events – Rescheduling

Summits March Events – Rescheduling


We fully support the Crown on the course of action taken to protect our Kingdom.

The events immediately affected in The Summits are the Mountain Edge Defenders Tournament and March Coronet.  Mountain Edge will determine what happens for their event.  Read on further for information regarding Coronet.

Regarding Coronet, a variance has already been requested to move Coronet and combine it with Investiture in June.

Existing letters of intent will be held over for June Coro-vestiture. The deadline for additional letters of intent, including submitted or approved heraldry, will be extended to Sunday June 7th.  Your letters of intent will be used to pre-register for the tournament. It is understandable and considered honorable If, given this change, you feel the need to pull out of the tournament.  All correspondence regarding the tournament should be addressed to Their Highnesses Kenric and Dagmar –

It is important to note that as Investiture will be held Sunday morning, your membership will need to be valid through the end December of 2020 at the time of the tournament.

To speed up the championship tournaments that are also held at these two events, we will be encouraging pre-registration.  Please look for pre-registration details to come from The Summits Minister of Lists, HL Gwyneth Blackthorn.

If you would like to volunteer to help prepare the next reign for success by designing charters, making necklaces, creating tokens, volunteer for retinue, or volunteer to coordinate this, please message Cassandra at

We ask for patience and grace as we, along with Summits Officers, the affected branches, and event teams work through these changes.

Questions can be sent to and/or or you can message us on the book of faces.

Kenric & Dagmar, Prince and Princess of the Summits

Cassandra, Summits Seneschal