December 2022

Their Alpine Highnesses
Weylyn ibn Rustam and Lindis de Aquisgranno

Weylyn and Lindis - Alpine Prince and Princess

Weylyn ibn Rustam and Lindis de Aquisgranno

Head of Retinue

Nadezhda Volynskaiia

About Tanist Weylyn ibn Rustam


Weylyn ibn Rustam’s Persona is 9th Century Norse. He has traveled to the east where he met his family and Knight Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdallah.

Weylyn likes Heavy Fighting, Service, Dad Jokes and socializing at events. His favorite colors are blue and Saffron.

Food and Drink Preferences

Most foods and drink are okay, with no known allergies. He likes Bourbon and ginger beer, and dislikes raw tomatoes.

About Lindis de Aquisgranno


Lindis de Aquisgranno’s persona is 9th Century Carolingian. From the city if Aachen, in what is now Germany, she loves all things administrative. She is also known to explore Norse culture and wear garb from different regions.

Her favorite colors are blue, orange, and black. Lindis enjoys Archery, Fighting (more watching these days than being on the field), bardic, medieval games, bocce ball, and socializing with interesting folks.

She likes decorated useful objects, silly jokes, toys (tops, yo-yo’s) and things she can do tricks with, and anything that created joy.

Food and Drink Preferences

Most foods are ok but she is allergic to juniper berries and orange and would like to stay away from processed foods. She mostly drinks water, coffee with vanilla creamer, and loves Bourbon and ginger beer.

Progress Schedule (Tentative)


11/5/22 Martinmas- Terra Pomaria
11/11-11/13 Collegium- Aqua Terra (Everett, WA)
11/18-20 Summits Service Collegium- Terra Pomaria


12/9-12/11 Investiture-Cour du val
12/17 Adiantum Yule- Adiantum


1/13-1/15 12th Night- Adiantum
1/27-1/29 Ursulmas- Aqua Terra (Monroe, WA)


2/17-2/20 Summits Festival of the Arts-Corvaria


3/3-3/5 Kingdom A&S -location unknown
3/8-3/15 Gulf War- Mississippi
3/17-3/19 Coronet-Glyn Dwfn


? Baroness War ? Dates and location unknown
4/21-4/23 Bar Gemels- Terra Pomaria


5/12-5/14 Tain Bo- Glyn Dwfn
5/19-/5/21 May Crown- location unknown
5/26-5/29 Egils- Adiantum


6/9-6/11 Tir Righ Coronet ?
6/11-6/19 Investiture- Mountain Edge