January 2019

The Principality is now accepting applications for:

  • Youth Armored Combat Deputy – Open
  • Equestrian Deputy – Open
  • Chatelaine – May 2019
  • Archery Deputy – May 2019
  • Cut & Thrust Deputy – June 2019
  • Minister of the Lists – June 2019
  • Calendar – September 2019

This new Summits website is still under renovation. We are still working on some minor issues and general formatting, and some pages are hidden while being updated, but I hope you feel at home in the new Principality of the Summits website. Please contact me with any updates or corrections!


In Service,

Lord Rafe Neuton, JdL

Summits Web Minister


Greetings to the Populace of the Summits!!

We would like to take a moment to give you some background on us, as We are new faces to a lot of you.

Njal Tjorkilsson is originally from the lands of An Tir. He is the third Son of Duke Tjorkill Kanne of An Tir, and his SCA brothers are Jarl Wilem Tjorkilsson and Duke Uther of The West. During his time in the Midwest (Kingdom of Northshield, and Kingdom of the Middle), he met his ladywife, Elisif in Vaena. We have been married since 2000.

Elisif in Vaena is orginally from the Kingdom of Northshield and has been in the SCA since 2001.

We are so excited to be back in An Tir and we recently purchased our dream home in The Summits! This reign is going to be filled with learning, eventing, and getting to know the Populace.

Our Head of Retinue is the amazing Ayla Roth, so if you have questions regarding events we are going to or other items, please contact her.

Photo of Njal and Elisif
Photo Courtesy of Ayla Roth