Summits History

Why did The Summits choose a grail and a mountain for their device?

The mountain and grail symbolize Crater Lake and Mount Mazama. Crater Lake is a beautiful lake in the caldera of the mountain. The whole area is a National Park. So as it says in our ceremonies: “The mountain holds the grail up to the sky.”

The Lords & Ladies of the Summits
(A History of the Summits before it was made a Principality)
William Thorinson & Sarah O’Guinn
December AS XXX (1995) to March AS XXX (1996).
These were the last Defender and Lady of the Summits. The first Summits Coronet Tournament was held in March AS XXX (1996) and yielded the first native Prince and Princess of the Summits, Lawrence de Xaintrailles and Mirriam de Xaintrialles.

Duke James Greyhelm & Duchess Verena of Laurelin
June AS XXX (1995) to December AS XXX (1995).

William of Kent & Mary Brullasdottir
December AS XXIX (1994) to June AS XXX (1995).

Sir William Brannon & Magdalene Brannon
June AS XXIX (1994) to December AS XXIX (1994).

William of Kent & Mary Brullasdottir
March AS XXVII (1993) to September AS XXVIII (1993).

Lawrence de Xaintrailles & Mirriam de Xaintrialles
September AS XXVII (1992) to March AS XXVII (1993).

Master Timothy McDaniell & Barbara Bayard du Montchesne
March AS XXVI (1992) to September AS XXVII (1992).

Heimidal Foehammer & Shira Kataka
September AS XXVI (1991) to January AS XXVI (1992) when the Defender and Lady abdicated. The Summits was without a Defender and Lady until March, AS XXVI (1992) at which point the Defender’s term was changed to six months instead of one year as it had been formerly.

Ambrose Mavrorothakis & Marian Staarveld
September AS XXV (1990) to September AS XXVI (1991).

Dublin O’Guinn & Kate O’Guinn
September AS XXIV (1989) to September AS XXV (1990).

Korwyn Ariannaid & Margaret Swynford of Bristow
September AS XXIII (1988) to September AS XXIV (1989).