March 2020


We concur with the Crown’s actions in response to the latest recommendations by the CDC in cancelling events through May 10th.

The events scheduled in April are already being rescheduled later dates.  Cassandra will be contacting the branches affected by today’s announcement though decisions regarding the events are up to the sponsoring branch.  At this time, we are not expecting any impact to Coro-vestiture.

We are extremely proud of actions taken by many in the Summits over the last week – planning online activities, being flexible in rescheduling events, and offering counsel to those concerned about entering Coronet among other things.

Please remember that these actions are taken in response to modern government actions and intended to keep us all healthy allowing us to play another day.

Questions can be sent to and/or or you can message us on the book of faces.

Kenric & Dagmar, Prince and Princess of the Summits
Cassandra, Summits Seneschal

Link to the Kingdom Announcement:

An Tir Event Cancellation Continuance


We fully support the Crown on the course of action taken to protect our Kingdom.

The events immediately affected in The Summits are the Mountain Edge Defenders Tournament and March Coronet.  Mountain Edge will determine what happens for their event.  Read on further for information regarding Coronet.

Regarding Coronet, a variance has already been requested to move Coronet and combine it with Investiture in June.

Existing letters of intent will be held over for June Coro-vestiture. The deadline for additional letters of intent, including submitted or approved heraldry, will be extended to Sunday June 7th.  Your letters of intent will be used to pre-register for the tournament. It is understandable and considered honorable If, given this change, you feel the need to pull out of the tournament.  All correspondence regarding the tournament should be addressed to Their Highnesses Kenric and Dagmar –

It is important to note that as Investiture will be held Sunday morning, your membership will need to be valid through the end December of 2020 at the time of the tournament.

To speed up the championship tournaments that are also held at these two events, we will be encouraging pre-registration.  Please look for pre-registration details to come from The Summits Minister of Lists, HL Gwyneth Blackthorn.

If you would like to volunteer to help prepare the next reign for success by designing charters, making necklaces, creating tokens, volunteer for retinue, or volunteer to coordinate this, please message Cassandra at

We ask for patience and grace as we, along with Summits Officers, the affected branches, and event teams work through these changes.

Questions can be sent to and/or or you can message us on the book of faces.

Kenric & Dagmar, Prince and Princess of the Summits

Cassandra, Summits Seneschal

Pray heed to the words of the Kingdom Seneschal:

Greetings An Tir,

In response to the growing concerns from local health agencies for the safety of the more vulnerable members of our Kingdom and broader communities, the Crown of An Tir and I have made the difficult decision to cancel events and activities through the end of March. Event attendees come from across the Kingdom and can either carry or return with viral infections affecting their home areas. This decision was made with careful and deliberate consideration for those of the populace and the broader Pacific Northwest region who are at high risk for severe complications if they contract SARS-CoV-2.

We recognize that cancelling events and activities will impact not just those hosting but also those eagerly planning to attend. Please know that while this decision currently affects the month of March, we will be regularly reassessing for April. We will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible to event planners and attendees.

“Courtesy and Chivalry are often about what we do for the least of us, and the guidance we are getting from the King County and State Departments of Health to limit gatherings are to slow the spread of COVID-19 not just to our own members, who may withstand the disease with few symptoms, but to those they may come into contact with, who may grow extremely ill or perish from it. We owe a duty not just to those active in our Barony and the guest who would join us for this event, but to the wider populace around us to do the right thing.”

– Baroness Aline of Wyewood when cancelling events earlier this month in her Barony

In Service to the Crown and People of An Tir,

Mistress Alianora Greymoor, OP
Kingdom Seneschal of An Tir

Event Cancellations – March 2020