July 2019

The tournament to choose our Heirs will be conducted thus.

The lists will be double elimination. best two of three.

The weapon choice, until the finals, shall be bring your best.

Standard shield convention guidelines

  • Heaters and kites should be roughly the width of the combatants shoulders and the length of their torso.
  • Round shields should be as wide as the combatants elbow to elbow span while fists are met in the center of their chests.

The finals of the tournament shall be matched 15th century long-swords. Weapons will be provided and exact specifications shall be available and be based on a 48” stick of rattan with a split and rejoined rattan cross guard. There will be a thrusting point and a bashing pommel. Only face strikes shall be valid with the pommel. No additional weapons or defenses are allowed.

The finals shall be best three of five.


Antoine and Kathren

Prince Antoin and Princess Kathren!

Winter fades into spring and the mighty Gryphons hatch their young.  Summer is upon us and the winds of war flow from the South. It is time for the now matured Gryphons to take flight and their rightful place as the Gaurdians of our sacred lands. So it was before. So it will be again. Time without end. Summits Eternal.

Prince Antoin and Princess Kathren
Photo Courtesy of Piaras Mac Toirdhealbhaigh