December 2019

This document will serve as the official letter of intent. You are welcome to create a more elegant one for Their Alpine Highnesses to be presented at your convenience, but it is not necessary to do so. Please submit this form by 11:59 p.m. on January 11, 2020. The requirements for entry are: 1. You must be a member in order to compete. 2. You must submit two entries for judging. They can be related ideas. *Research papers need to be submitted by Feb. 1, 2020; earlier would be great.

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Have you heard? Glyn Dwfn is polling to confirm their desire to be a Barony!

It is very important that there be a high turnout for the polling. If you’re a branch member, get to the polls! If you are not a member you may contact the Crown directly with your commentary.

When: Saturday, January 18, 2020
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Where: Medford Public Library, 205 S Central Ave, Medford, OR 97501
Who: SCA members living within the borders of Glyn Dwfn can participate in the polling.

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Other questions?  Contact Seneschal Fye Jegerin via email –

Their Alpine Highnesses
The Reign of Prince Kenric and Princess Dagmar

Prince Kenric and Princess Dagmar
Photo by Mina filla de Felip

Prince Kenric and Princess Dagmar


Head of Retinue

Mina filla de Felip


Head Attendant

Ynez de la Cruz


Court Coordinator

Lorenzo di Leone Salvini


Chief Scribe

Aine O’Shehy

Largesse Coordinator

Milesande de Frayne


Garb Coordinator

Elsa van Aurec


Grail Bearer

Temperance Trewelove


Head Guard

Seamus McMurrough

Recommendations and other mail


Their Alpine Highnesses encourage the populace to make recommendations,
even if you do not have full information about someone.
You can make a recommendation online at the Recommendations Page

or directly to

Request for Largesse!


Their Alpine Highnesses wish to present visiting royalty and
nobles in other lands where TAH visit with the magnificent works of the populace.
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