A hearty welcome to one and all to the website of the Principality of the Summits, the southernmost lands of the Kingdom of An Tir.

The SCA is a practical history society, recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. While dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, you can experience tournaments, royal courts, feasts, and dancing. You also have the opportunity to learn and practice ancient arts and skills — calligraphy, cooking, armoring, metalworking, carpentry, and needlework (to name just a few) — within an all-ages social group. The SCA is a great place to make friends and learn transferable skills.

SCA - The Dream


News and Announcements

The tournament to choose our Heirs will be conducted thus.

The lists will be double elimination. best two of three.

The weapon choice, until the finals, shall be bring your best.

Standard shield convention guidelines

  • Heaters and kites should be roughly the width of the combatants shoulders and the length of their torso.
  • Round shields should be as wide as the combatants elbow to elbow span while fists are met in the center of their chests.

The finals of the tournament shall be matched 15th century long-swords. Weapons will be provided and exact specifications shall be available and be based on a 48” stick of rattan with a split and rejoined rattan cross guard. There will be a thrusting point and a bashing pommel. Only face strikes shall be valid with the pommel. No additional weapons or defenses are allowed.

The finals shall be best three of five.


Antoine and Kathren

Prince Antoin and Princess Kathren!

Winter fades into spring and the mighty Gryphons hatch their young.  Summer is upon us and the winds of war flow from the South. It is time for the now matured Gryphons to take flight and their rightful place as the Gaurdians of our sacred lands. So it was before. So it will be again. Time without end. Summits Eternal.

Prince Antoin and Princess Kathren
Photo Courtesy of Piaras Mac Toirdhealbhaigh

The Principality is now accepting applications for:

  • Youth Armored Combat Deputy – Open
  • Equestrian Deputy – Open
  • Chatelaine – May 2019
  • Archery Deputy – May 2019
  • Cut & Thrust Deputy – June 2019
  • Minister of the Lists – June 2019
  • Calendar – September 2019

This new Summits website is still under renovation. We are still working on some minor issues and general formatting, and some pages are hidden while being updated, but I hope you feel at home in the new Principality of the Summits website. Please contact me with any updates or corrections!


In Service,

Lord Rafe Neuton, JdL

Summits Web Minister


Greetings to the Populace of the Summits!!

We would like to take a moment to give you some background on us, as We are new faces to a lot of you.

Njal Tjorkilsson is originally from the lands of An Tir. He is the third Son of Duke Tjorkill Kanne of An Tir, and his SCA brothers are Jarl Wilem Tjorkilsson and Duke Uther of The West. During his time in the Midwest (Kingdom of Northshield, and Kingdom of the Middle), he met his ladywife, Elisif in Vaena. We have been married since 2000.

Elisif in Vaena is orginally from the Kingdom of Northshield and has been in the SCA since 2001.

We are so excited to be back in An Tir and we recently purchased our dream home in The Summits! This reign is going to be filled with learning, eventing, and getting to know the Populace.

Our Head of Retinue is the amazing Ayla Roth, so if you have questions regarding events we are going to or other items, please contact her.

Photo of Njal and Elisif
Photo Courtesy of Ayla Roth