Their Alpine Highnesses
The Reign of Prince Njal and Princess Elisif

Photo of Njal and Elisif
Photo Courtesy of Tessina Felice Fianfigliazzi


Head of Retinue

Honorable Ayla Roth


Assistant Head of Retinue

Maister Tadhg O’Murchadha


Head Attendant

Viscountess Acacia Gryffyn


Court Coordinator

Viscountess Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle


Chief Scribe

Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller


Largesse Coordinator

Lady Milisandia filia Willelmi filii Roberti

Largesse Co-Coordinator

Celeste Thorne


Clothing Coordinator

Baroness Morrghan O’Siodhchain


Grail Bearer

Helena Roth


Royal Advisors

Duke Tjorkill Kanne
Graf Berek
Viscountess Ceridwen ferch Morgan
Marcus Octavius Rufus
Baron Weylyn Middleson
Viscount Ziitos Gyorgy Turk
Viscount Luciano Foscari
Viscountess Temperence Truelove
Mistress Marya Kargashina

Royal Progress

Please note Their Highnesses’ schedule is tentative and subject to change.

October 19-21

Championships at the Bear and Apple Tavern

November 10-11

AnTir Collegium

December 1st

Tri-Baronial Yule

December 8th

Summits Winter Investiture

January 11-13

AnTir 12th Night

January 19th

Adiantum’s Midwinter Feast

January 25-27

Urslamus Medieval Faire

February 2nd

Briaroak Birl

February 8-10

Summits Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships

February 19-25

Estrella War XXXV

March 1-3

AnTir Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier

March 15-17

Summits March Coronet

April 19-21

Bar Gamels

May 17-19

AnTir May Crown

May 24-27

Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament

June 21-23

Summits June Investiture

Recommendations and other mail


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