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In order to ensure the most current forms are in use, all of the links below download PDF forms directly from the Kingdom of An Tir website. If you are having trouble with any particular link, try going to the waiver section of the Kingdom's webpage for forms.

The Summits Date Reservation/Event Information Form (fill-and-print pdf)

Adult Waiver (PDF)
Anyone who is not a paid member of the SCA must present this waiver, filled out and signed, to gain admittance to most SCA events. (Form 7)

Minor Participation Waiver (PDF)
Minors must present this waiver, filled out and signed, to gain admittance to most SCA events whether or not they are paid members of the SCA. (Form 2)

Multiple Minor Waiver (PDF)
Parents may use this as a convenience if their household has more than one child. NOT to be used for a random assortment of children and adults.

Medical Authorization for Minors Form (PDF)
Copies of this form, duly executed, should be in the possession of the named minor; at least one adult named as responsible and present at the event; and the parent or legal guardian who signed it.
Minor guests: This form is required for minors attending with adults other than their parents or court-ordered guardians, along with a copy of signing parent's identification such as a driver's license. According to the form, notarization is recommended by SCA Inc. but not required.
Minors attending with parents: Form is not required, but it is recommended. Requirements might vary by event. According to the Kingdom Chirurgeon at 12th Night AS XXXIV/2000 Curia, the minor medical waiver may be filled out yearly, instead of per event (laminating is a good idea). (Form 4)

Model Release Form (PDF)
Model release form

Photographer Release Form (PDF)
Release form for photographers.


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